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Capacitor is a Passive 2- terminal electrical component used to store energy in the form of electric field generated in the space between two separated, oppositely charged electrodes. Its capacity can be greatly increased by inserting a solid di-electric material into the space separating electrodes.

Non electrolytic:

Ceramic capacitor constructed of alternating layers of metal and ceramic, with ceramic material acting as di-electric.


It is a type of capacitor uses an electrolyte, an ionic conducting liquid, as one of its plate to achieve larger capacitance per unit volume. They are used in relatively high current and low frequency electrical circuits, particularly in power supply filters, where they store charge needed to moderate output voltage and current fluctuations in rectifier output. The standard design requires that the applied voltage must be polarized; one specified terminal must always have positive potential with respect to the other. Therefore they cannot be used with AC signals with DC polarizing bias. Electrolytic capacitors also have relatively low breakdown voltage, higher leakage current, inductance, poorer tolerances and temperature range, shorter lifetimes compared to other types of capacitors.