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Examples wireless sensors

Wireless and sensors are two technologies in the right place at the right time. There are many types of sensors becoming available. More and more sensors will have a wireless function built in. If not, and if required, one can often add it externally... and easily. Some of wireless sensors available on the

market include accelerometers, barometric pressure sensors, light sensors,GPS module, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, smoke detectors, magnetic RPM sensors, magnetometers, solar radiation sensors, soil moisture sensors, soil temperature sensors, wind speed sensors, rainfall meters and seismic sensors.

a) Accelerometers are used in environments where seismic events have higher frequency content. Sites in hard rock environments are typically equipped with uniaxial or triaxial accelerometers.

b) Wireless gas sensor lets us measure the concentration of gasses. If they are potentially explosive or toxic, wireless sensing lets us measure gasses at a safe distance.

c) Wireless temperature sensor helps us to record temperature of something that is moving too hot or too cold for comfort, or if you canít
or just donít want to be there, wireless sensing makes it possible.

d) Wireless humidity sensor is used with humidity controller usually known as dehumidifiers. They are mainly used in equipment rooms, labs, libraries and so on.

e) Wireless smoke detectors add security for you and your family and your property. The two most used wireless smoke detectors are the photoelectric and ionization. It is commonly interconnected with smoke alarms in the house.

f) Wireless RPM detectors are used to measure turbine RPM. A cyclic computer is a RPM sensor.