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In this project have presented a new algorithm for cluster formation which was working amazingly great. The performance of this algorithm was wonderful that the wireless sensor network was excellently subdivided into uniform clusters. Most surprising and to my satisfaction there was not a single sensor node seen unclustered and moreover each node belonged to exactly one cluster at the end of the algorithm.

Before we end here, let me tell you that we have assumed that the geographical information of the locations of each sensor nodes is available, which the algorithm uses in the formation of a cluster. And in practice it is quite difficult as the situations may not be same in each case and sometimes the geographical terrain itself posse certain limitations. However, these are some extreme cases and today’s hi-tech system must surely overcome most of these problems.

Having seen success in this software implementation we are confident that this algorithm should work well in real field with slight changes. Thus, we conclude that similar algorithms may be now used in a large wireless sensor networks to extend the lifetime of sensor nodes and to excel in their performance.