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ABSTRACT of clustering

Deployments of wireless sensor networks have become very common in almost every field dueto its numerous applications and readily availability. Due to the nonstop growth, the wireless sensor networks have turn out to be complex and poses difficulty for the conventional methods to operate.

The purpose of the study was to develop an algorithm that results in uniform cluster formation with minimum overlap. The algorithm will organize all sensor nodes in a network into clusters with all nodes belong to a cluster. Each cluster compose of one sensor node as a cluster head and several number of sensor nodes as cluster members, all of which is within the one communication radius of the cluster head. The overlapped clusters are merged to either cluster so that each node belongs to only one cluster which means it will choose only one leader although there is more than one leader within the range.

With the Cluster formation, cluster member sensor nodes only require to communicate with the cluster head which is also known as cluster leader. This leads to energy conservation of member sensors, reduces the routing tables, reduces redundant messages which ultimately saves time and increases the lifetime of the network.