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  Transceiver Structure

UE physical layer include the following task:

Received signal code power (RSCP);

Received signal strength indicator (RSSI);

Received energy per chip divided by the power density in the band


Block error rate (BLER);

UE transmitted power;

Connection frame number-system frame number (CFN-SFN) observed

time difference;

SFN-SFN observed time difference;

UE Rx-Tx time difference;

Observed time difference to GSM cell;

UE GPS timing of cell frames for UE positioning;

UE GPS code phase.

Correspondingly, the measurement types for the UTRAN include:

Received total wide band power;

Signal-to-interference ratio (SIR);

SIR error;

Transmitted carrier power;

Transmitted code power;

Bit error rate (BER);

Round-trip time (RTT);

UTRAN GPS timing of cell frames for UE positioning;

PRACH/PCPCH propagation delay;

Acknowledged PRACH preambles;

Detected PCPCH access preambles;

Acknowledged PCPCH access preambles;

SFN-SFN observed time difference.

The RF-section of mobile transceiver baseband is as above-