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SIMULATION  and results  of WCDMA system


The 64 bit binary data is passed through a rate 1/2 convolution encoder resulting in 128 encoded bits in the time span of 64/9600 seconds. The data is then passed through a convolution  interleaver with the output having the same number of bits in the time span. The interleaved data is then spread by a Gold Sequence with a spreading factor of 120, resulting in 64*120 chips in the time span. The Spread data is then QPSK modulated with 64*120/2 symbols in the time span. It is then passed through a root raised cosine filter (pulse shapping) and lunched into a fading channel. This sequence of operations is performed in reverse to recover the 64 bit binary data. Waveform on interest and the  simulation code is given below.


Figure 6.1  Transmitted Data Sequence

Time axis is unit is 1/9600 seconds



Figure 6.2    Gold Code Sequence






Figure 6.3 Root-Raised Cosine Filtered Output (with Zoom)

Figure 6.4  Scatter plot after modulation


Figure 6.5  Rayleigh Channel Faded Output

Figure 6.7  Received Channel Data



Figure 6.11   Data

                                                                    Trellis Structure

                 trel =


     numInputSymbols: 4

    numOutputSymbols: 8

           numStates: 128

          nextStates: [128x4 double]

             outputs: [128x4 double]