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Table 2.  Video Decoder Description



Block Name           Block Description                    Block Function


Decoder                  Decoder                                      Determines the bit stream (MPEG-4 or H.263)


H263                        H.263                                          Gets the H.263 stream and inputs it to the appropriate module.


MPEG4 RM Only   MPEG-4 Resynchronization

Marker Only

Video stream with synchronization marker embedded.


MPEG4 DP                               MPEG-4 Data Partitioning                                    Video stream with data partitioned


ACDC                       AC and DC Coefficients of the DCT table

For MPEG-4 decoder only, predicts the AC coefficients.


RVLD                        Reversible Variable Length


For MPEG-4 decoder only, allows for RVLD when the bitstream is coded using Reversible Variable Length techniques.


VLD                          Variable Length Decode          For both H.263 and MPEG-4 decoders,


IQ                              Inverse Quantization                IQ computes the inverse quantization matrix by multiplying the quantized DCT with the quantization table.


IDCT                         Inverse Discrete Cosine


IDCT computes the original input block. Errors are expected due to quantization.


MC                            Motion Compensation             MC block increases the compression ratio by removing the redundancies between frames.



Table 3.  Video Encoder and Decoder Benchmarks



Video Format                                           Video Encoder                               Video Decoder


H.263 / QCIF @ 15 fps @ 64 kbps                                             23 Mcycles/s (test on C5510)                                       9.6 Mcycles/s (test on OMAP5910)


H.263 / QCIF @ 15 fps @ 64 kbps

(includes DMA overhead)

12.9 Mcycles/s (test on OMAP5910)


QCIF @ 30 fps

(MPEG-4 SP @ Level 1)

46 Mcycles/s (test on C5510)      24 Mcycles/s (test on C5510)


CIF @ 30 fps

(MPEG-4 SP @ Level 3)




Above Video Codec based on Texas Instruments OMAP5910
96 Mcycles/s (test on C5510)