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CDMA                     Code Division Multiple Access

WCDMA                 Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

CdmaOne                 Code Division Multiple Access as specified in IS-95

CDMA 2000            Code Division Multiple Access as specified in IS-2000 ITU International Telecommunication Union

3GPP                        3rd Generation Partnership Project

Mcps                        Mega chips per second

GSM                        Global System for Mobile Communication

RBS                         Radio Base Station

Node B                                Radio Base Station

RAN                        Radio Access Network

GSM BSS                GSM Base Station Subsystem

GSM BSC                GSM Base Station Controller

GSM BTS                GSM Base Transceiver Station

TDMA                                 Time Division Multiple Access

RNC                         Radio Network Controller

RAB                         Radio Access Bearer

QoS                          Quality of Service

FDD                         Frequency Division Duplex

TDD                         Time Division Duplex

MAC                        Medium Access Control

RLC                         Radio Link Control

RRC                         Radio Resource Control

IP                             Internet Protocol