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Abstract of WCDMA system


This thesis is a study of the 3G-WCDMA system consisting of the mobile transceiver and network systems. The Mobile transceiver consists of two sections, RF section and Baseband section.


Information consisting of voice/multimedia data is processed using the following sequence of steps-            ( Uplink)  In the baseband section Convolution Encoding, Interleaving , Spreading using PN-sequence  (Gold Code), Scrambling, Square Root Raised Cosine Filter and in the RF section Modulation(QPSK);

(Downlink) In the RF section Demodulation (QPSK) and in the baseband section Square Root Raised Cosine Filter, Descrambling, Despreading, Deinterleaving, Viterbi Decoding.


For an assumed finite length binary data this processing sequence as been simulated in both the uplink and  downlink. The effect of channel fading has also been incorporated.


 A special study has been made on processing of video data in a mobile transceiver handset.