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The Specification of the Stepper Motor :



Stepper motors are electromechanical devices that convert a pattern of inputs and the rate-of-change of those inputs into precise rotational motion. The rotational angle and direction for each change (step) is determined by the construction of the motor as well as the step pattern input. The M42SP-4NP is a standard, four-phase unipolar stepper motor that is easily controlled when buffered with an appropriate high-current driver (ULN2003 or similar suggested).


Technical Specifications

I) Rated Voltage 12 vdc

II) Rated Current/Phase 259 mA

III) No. of Phase 4

IV) DC Coil Resistance 77 ohms / phase ±7%

V) Step Angle 7.5° / phase

VI) Excitation Method 2-2 phase (unipolar)


Mechanical Specifications

MITSUMI• Unipolar Stepper Motor (#M42SP-4NP)•