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Source Files

The source files in your ÁVision project display in a Project Workspace. Each Project can be configured to generate one or more Targets. Each Target has its own option settings and output file name that you may define. You may create one Target for testing with the simulator and another Target for a release version of your application that will be programmed into Flash ROM. Within a Target, you may have one of more file Groups which allow you to associate source files together. Groups are useful for grouping files into functional blocks or for identifying engineers in a software team. The Project Workspace window displays the target (AT91M55800A in this case) along with all file groups and source files that comprise your project. The Project menu provides access to all dialogs for project management including...New Project... which creates a new project. Targets, Groups, Files... which add components to a project. The Local menu in the Project window allows you to add files to the project.

Open Project... which opens an existing project.