and PG level projects,mini projects and many more here ...


ÁVision4 now supports multi-project workspaces that allow you to work with multiple projects at the same time. You create workspaces from the Project Menu. You may include as many project files as needed to the workspace. You may change the order of projects or add more at any time. Click the Manage Workspace button on the toolbar to change the projects included in the workspace. When working with a workspace, the Project Workspace window displays the projects included in the workspace. ÁVision4 allows you to work in the active project while giving you the ability to view files and settings in other projects in the workspace. You may right-click a different project to make it active. All familiar controls work on the active project as they did in prior versions of ÁVision4. Another powerful feature of project workspaces is that you may now build multiple projects with a single command.

Click the Batch Build button on the toolbar to build the selected projects in the workspace in a single operation. The Batch Build Dialog allows you control over what projects and targets are built.


The flexible window management system introduced in ÁVision4 enables you to use multiple monitors and provides complete control over window placement. This new interface allows you to make better use of your screen space and to organise multiple windows exactly where you would like them.