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Building Projects

ÁVision includes an integrated make facility that compiles, assembles, and links your program.

Click the Build Target button on the toolbar to compile and assemble the source files in your project and link them together into an absolute, executable program. The assembler and compiler automatically generate file dependencies and add them to the project. File dependency information is used during the make process to build only those files that have changed or that include other files that have changed. As ÁVision compiles and assembles your source files, status information as well as errors and warnings appear in the Output Window. You may double-click on an error or warning to immediately begin editing the file with the problem--even while ÁVision continues compiling your source files in the background. The line numbers for errors and warnings are synchronized even after you make changes to the source file(s). To get more information about a particular error message, select the message and press F1 for full help text. If you enable global optimizations, ÁVision re-compiles your source files to achieve the most optimal global use of registers.