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VSWR Meter:

SICO VSWR meter is a high gain, Voltage Amplifier tuned at the centre frequency of 1 KHz. It is used for measuring voltage standing wave ratio, attenuation and total mismatch on the line.


Model No. SW115

Sensitivity: 0.2 microVolts at a 200 ohm input impedence for full scale deflection.
noise level: At least 5 dB below full scale at rated sensitivity and maximum bandwidth with input terminated in 100 ohms and 500 ohms for low and high respectively.
Calibration: Square law, meter indicates SWR, dB.
Range: 70 dB input attenuator provides 60 dB in 10 dB steps, accuracy +/- 0.2 dB per 10 dB steps maximum cummulative error +/- 0.5 dB.
Scale selector: "Normal", "Expand", and "-5dB"
Meter scale: SWR1-4, SWR3-10, expand SWR1-1.3, dB 0-10, expand 0-2
Gain Control: Adjusts the reference level, variable range 0-10 dB approx.
Input: "Bolo" bias provided for 4.3mA low current bolo meters. "Crystal" 200 ohms for low impedance crystal rectifier and 200 K ohms high impedance crystal rectifier as null detector. 
Recorder output: Socket provided for recording having 1 V full scale deflection, Internal resistance of 1000ohms or less.
A/C output: BNC Connector for amplified output.
Input Connector: BNC(F)
Frequency: 1000Hz +/- 10%. Power:230 Volts AC, 50Hz, mains supply.