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                       In the world of wireless communication system, microwave communication is one of the most primitive wireless communication still being used. Still it has been increasingly adopted in such diverse application as radio astronomy, long distance communication, space navigation, radar system, medical equipment and missile electronic systems.

                        We, as students of Electronics and Communication Engineering, tried to explore the various scopes involved in microwave communication. The purpose of the project is a practical and very qualitative approach towards the microwave communication. In this project, we are presenting a simple form of microwave communication i.e. speech transmission using microwave. Also the equipments that we have used are from the college laboratory.

                     So the project can be seen as our first step in the field of microwave communication. Thus as an opportunity of novices like us, we have a learned a lot and really intend to take this study into a whole new level. So we can say we are definitely successful.