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Solar Cell Based Power Bank and Inverter

Solar Cells are becoming an increasingly popular source of energy. Use of Solar Cells in the domestic market is overwhelming. Applications include simple devices such as emergency lights as well as
more sophisticated solutions such as providing alternative domestic power supply.

Grid Feeding is also popular in Western Countries where a consumer using a Solar Power System for his house can feed surplus power back into the grid and earn revenue.

Our objective in this project is to design a Solar Power Bank and a low power inverter using low cost components.

There are five stages of the device: a battery charger, a charge level monitor, an LED lamp and a
220V AC inverter.

The Power bank will draw power from a Solar Cell and use it to charge a 12 V Battery, monitor the charge level of the battery and graphically express the level and provide a 220V AC output.

The Solar cell used here is a 12V 10W solar cell with a maximum current rating of 0.8A and provides
an output of about 15V in full sunlight. The battery used here is a 12V Lead Acid battery.

The Power Bank also comes with an assortment of devices to power such as a high power LED to provide the user with light in the absence of commercial AC supply, an output for a mobile charger, and an FM Transmitter.