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LCD Pin diagram



Pin description for LCD



Liquid crystals are materials with a structure that is intermediate between that of liquids and crystalline solids. As in liquids, the molecules of a liquid crystal can flow past one another. As in solid crystals, however, they arrange themselves in recognizably ordered patterns. In common with solid crystals, liquid crystals can exhibit polymorphism; i.e., they can take on different structural patterns, each with unique properties. LCDs utilize either nematic or smectic liquid crystals. The molecules of nematic liquid crystals align themselves with their axes in parallel, as shown in the . Smectic liquid crystals, on the other hand, arrange themselves in layered sheets; within different smectic phases the molecules may take on different alignments relative to the plane of the sheets.

LCD has the ability to display numbers and characters. It has low cost. Incorporation of a refreshing Controller into the LCD, thereby refreshing the CPU of the task of refreshing the LCD. Ease of programming for characters. We have selected 2x16 characters LCD. Each character consists of 5x7 dots.

In our system,the LCD is connected to the microcontroller through the 8255.A potentiometer (POT) is also connected to the LCD for adjusting the contrast of the LCD.