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Basic Instruction Set for 8051

l Data Transfer

Move/Copy data from one location to another

E.g. mov, movc, movx, push, pop, xch, xchd

l Logical

Perform logic operations on data

E.g. anl, orl, xrl, clr, cpl, rl, rlc, rr, rrc, swap

l Arithmetic

Perform arithmetic operations on data

E.g. add, addc, subb, inc, dec, mul, div

l Program control

Control the program flow (jumps, subroutine calls)

E.g. jmp, ajmp, ljmp, sjmp, jc, jnc, jb, jnb, jbc, jz, jnz, acall, lcall, cjne, djnz, ret, reti, nop

l Boolean variable manipulation

--Perform different operation using Boolean Algebra

E.g. clr, setb, cpl, orl, anl, mov.