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IE3d Tutorial complete foir antenna

Following showing the IE3D steps for the microstrip antenna design

STEP1: Run MGRID. Select File->New command. MGRID shows you the Basic Parameters dialog.

STEP2: Length group, select the Unit as “mm”. In the Meshing Parameters group, change the Highest Frequency (Fmax) to 5to8 GHz and the Cells per Wavelength (Ncell) to 20.

STEP3: Enter “Top Surface, Ztop”, Enter the Dielectric Constant, Epsr = 2.4 to 4.4MGRID is ready for geometry input.

STEP4: We are going to build a rectangle .Select Entity->Rectangle. MGRID will prompt the parameters.

STEP5: Enter Length and Width in the Rectangle Properties group.

STEP6: Now we have to select probe feed to patch from entity.

STEP7: We have to select rectanglization to define different meshing parameters.

STEP8: Then we have to save the format to do meshing and simulation .Then the ultimate step is simulation Select Process->Simulate command. The Simulation Setup dialog

STEP9: We have to define the parameter of the graph.


STEP10: We have to define the parameter of display.

Step11: Now the following pic shows . MGRID will invoke IE3D to perform the simulation in the background. It takes seconds to finish.

Step12: To see s-parameter graph we have to select display >> s-parameter.