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Some of the important specifications of function generator are given below:

1.   Its specific frequency range is between 0.001Hz to 20MHz.

2.   Frequency stability of function generator is 0.05%.

3.   Distortion of function generator is -55dB below 50 KHz and -40dB above 50 KHz.

4.   Specific value of output amplitude (open circuit) is 10V (peak to peak).

5.   Specific value of output impedance is 50ohm.

6.   Different output waveforms like sine, square, triangular, ramp, pulse, AM and FM modulated, arbitrary waves can be generated using the function generator.


After powering on the function generator, the output signal needs to be configured to the desired shape. Generally, this means connecting the signal and ground leads to an oscilloscope to check the controls. Adjust the function generator, to get the output signal correct, then attach the signal and ground leads from the function generator to the input and ground of the device under test. For some applications, the negative lead of the function generator should attach to a negative input of the device, but usually attaching to ground is sufficient. A device such as an oscilloscope is then used to measure the circuit's output.