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Problems in line follower robot design

There were several difficulties throughout the design we had to overcome:

The Ultrasonic object sensor - Once transferred from breadboard to a veroboard, the circuit stops working. It’s possible that the resistance of the breadboard formed an essential part of the circuit, this circuit would need tuning to work in a final
prototype, and unfortunately we ran out of time to do this.

The IR sensors – The IR Transceivers failed as a line sensor, as there was no difference at all in their properties with a black or white surface. Though the reasons for this are unclear, so finally we were compelled to use LED & LDR.
Several of the veroboards were damaged while soldering or fitting to the chassis,The use of potentiometers to control motor speed – although this works, but creates a lot of problem while setting the reference voltage of comparator.

Wheel position – It was a mistake that the gearboxes extend beyond the chassis.However it turned out to be a better design as a wide track causes a slower angular velocity in the turns, and better line holding. Wiring is not very neat, circuit is easily removed from the chassis with no soldering.