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A Line Follower Robot

: Build a robot that moves in any provided path. It follows a line by using

LDR and LED sensors


This report will outline the design, construction and testing of our line following robot. It will show detailed
sections on the design stage and how each individualĺs tasks came together to make the robot function.The report
 will stress the difficulties that we as a group have faced throughout the module as well as the changes that we needed
to make to achieve a functional product.


The aim of this module was to work as a group to design and construct a robot
 capable offollowing a white line. We will be aiming to improve our knowledge
of robotics as well as electronic circuit design and construction.


Construct a Line Following Robot:

­ That will follow a white line path on the black colored floor.

­ Strictly follow the path when it turns.


  • Block Diagram