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Nikhilam Sutra-Division


NIKHILAM SUTRA states "Nikhilam Navatashcharmam Dashatah" which translated means "all from nine and the last from ten".


We have seen how Nikhilam Sutra can be used for multiplication . The same sutra can also be used for division. This method is convenient when the division consist of big digits the solution by Nikhilam method makes the process more easy .The whole process of division is converted into a series of multiplication and addition .If the dividend has bigger digits then vinculum makes the process simpler than present process .The fact is in this process of division performs no division at all. The whole process is carried out by a single digit multiplication and addition.




Several algorithms exist to perform division in digital designs. These algorithms fall into two main categories: slow division and fast division. Slow division algorithms produce one digit of the final quotient per iteration. Examples of slow division include restoring, non-performing restoring, non-restoring, and SRT division. Fast division methods start with a close approximation to the final quotient and produce twice as many digits of the final quotient on each iteration. Newton-Raphson and Goldschmidt fall into this category.


The following division methods are all based on the form Q = N / D where

Q = Quotient

N = Numerator (dividend)

D = Denominator (divisor).