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Future Work

While we have created a system to successfully Parallel Park our car like robot, there are many areas of improvement. The foremost would be general

improvements to the algorithms we use for detection and parking. For the parking algorithm, we used a simple dual-circle path planning algorithm, and it would be interesting to experiment with alternative algorithms, such as a sinusoid path, or continuously updated path planning using a PID controller.To finish the parallel-parking problem, it would be relatively simple to add the ability to pull-out and leave a parking spot. We have to calculate the path to leave the parking space without colliding with either of the bounding vehicles. Overall, our work on this project relied on a number of assumptions that would not necessarily apply to a real-life agent in the real world.


In our opinion, this project has tremendous potential. With some more work on the parking algorithm, we feel that we can develop a system for the car like robot to park irrespective of its orientation and distance from the parking lot. With enough research, this can be developed for real cars! It can also be used as a learning tool for people who want to learn driving. By observing the motion of this car, students can learn how to parallel park better.