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v  Scientific Computation:                                                                                                       In scientific calculation to find the value of an angle. e.g.-in calculating the value of  sin(pi/3)=31/2/2. Here we need to find the value of square root of 3 . To find the distance between two points. Suppose the distance between point ‘a’ , ‘b’ and ‘a’ , ‘c’ is known . So to find the distance between ‘b’ and ‘c’ square root is needed.

v  Memory utilization:

      In square root actually the result contain only the half number of bits of the number. If the number contain n bits then the resultant number will consist of n/2 or (n+1)/2 bits.

     In Data compression to reduce the size of the data square root is beneficial. In Image compression or Video compression to reduce the quantity of data, used to represent the Image square root is required.

v  Computer graphics:

            It is possible to have better resolution and pixels .For that square root is needed