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Visual basic Code for Reply html content that is created by the server

Public Sub SendFile(intSocketIndex As Integer, strFileName As String)

Dim FileNo As Integer

Dim strbuf

' Make sure the file exists...

If Len(Dir(SwapPath(strFileName))) <> 0 Then

' open the file

FileNo = FreeFile()

Open SwapPath(strFileName) For Binary Access Read As #FileNo

' Read the data

strbuf = Input(LOF(FileNo), #FileNo)


' close the file

Close #FileNo

' Send the data

sckServer(intSocketIndex).SendData strbuf

ElseIf strFileName <> App.Path & "\FileNotFound.html" Then

' the file not found html file was found

SendFile intSocketIndex, App.Path & "\FileNotFound.html"


' No 'file not found' file. tell them...

sckServer(intSocketIndex).SendData "<html><body>Unable to find the file not found file.</body></html>"

End If

End Sub